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Berberine is a plant alkaloid found in several species of the genus Berberis, such as Berberis aristata, and is extracted from their rhizome or bark. This substance has been used for centuries for its various properties reported in literature, such as antimicrobial activity or in case of diarrhea, but today it is mainly exploited for its ability to regulate glucose and lipid parameters, which in the modern era appears to be certainly one of the most common public health issue in the world.

The activities of berberine on risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases (cholesterol, glycemia and triglycerides), are allegedly due to its ability to act on certain pathways that lead to a beneficial modulation of these parameters. As a consequence, berberine is able to improve both glucose and lipids.

However, aspects characterizing berberine are not all lights: the shadow area is given by the fact that this molecule is extremely hydrophilic, therefore very little lipophilic. This causes berberine to be poorly absorbed in the intestine and therefore, for the most part, eliminated in the faeces.

The real obstacle in the use of berberine is therefore its poor bioavailability, that is, the limitation of its absorbed amount, that hinders of its promising activity.

The limitation of Berberine

Silymarin: the solution to berberine limitation

The solution to overcome the scarce absorption of berberine is offered by another naturally occurring resource: silymarin.

This substance, extracted from milk thistle, is capable of interfering with the special structures of our body, known as extrusion pumps, which have the task of expelling substances identified as foreign from the cell and decreasing their absorption.

Through this property, silymarin appears to be able to decrease the extrusion of berberine and, therefore, increase its absorption in the intestine and the resulting beneficial activities.

The idea of ​​associating berberine and silymarin, using a completely natural approach, allows for a real synergy between the two substances. The patented formula makes it possible to increase the absorbed amount of berberine, amplifying its activity and therefore its benefits.

Berberine + Silymarin: what a couple!


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